MSE 104 Lab Report


One of my favorite parts of MSE 104 is the dedication of the professor.

Ronald Gronsky not only expects the most of his students, but teaches them how to pave their own way to find knowledge they will use.

Both classes I have taken with Professor Gronsky have included lab reports, and they’ve always demanded a level of excellence that I’m sure is indicative of the field.

This is an example of my current lab report design, and first lab. It was a little rough around the edges by I’m happy with the way it turned out.


Because I am weird and can’t help it, I decided to ALSO do some layout design on my reports. There was no template for these – so I had a lot of freedom! I used one of my new favorite fonts (Roboto).


Report 01


Report 02


Report 04


Report 05


Report 06


Report 03