3D Printed Cookie Cutters


The other day I had a dream about a housewarming present for a friend.

Cookie Cutters.

3D printing has opened a world of possibilities for me. Now, if I want to make a custom project, I’m no longer limited to normal materials. If I need to make a stencil, I can 3D print a stencil. If I need a part for a machine, I just have to design and print it. Printing is a doorway to a new kind of interaction with the world.

GUI’s have done their job and I always see the digital world as a realm of its own. Printing is the bridge between the two worlds.

This design was to compliment a project I worked on with this friend (www.wait-hate.com) a long time ago.

See more of my things at https://tinkercad.com/users/9DOPzmgFSFM-vaakne (hosted on Zach Lentz’s tinkercad account)


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