SEM Analysis


A lot of my research has to do with TEM grids, which is basically a sample holder.

Recently I did SEM analysis in order to characterize the purity of the grids. It’s important to know the qualities of the materials I am working with to avoid interactions with any reactive samples I may have.

I’ve always loved photography, so these pictures were incredibly satisfying to take. (I really love straight lines, so seeing this in focus at such a high resolution is wonderful). These are two of the pictures I particularly liked.

Images taken on a Hitachi TM-3000 SEM at 15 kV.



Copper Pelco Finder Grid (Conclusion: Higher carbon content, low oxygen content, smooth grid bars ideal for liquid sample on continuous, holey, or lacy film)



Molybdenum 300 Mesh grid, Ted Pella Inc. (Exceptional resistance to deformation, ideal for cryo-TEM applications where limited shrinking during freezing is needed. Higher Oxygen content than other grids but much lower carbon content.)

See the report (Lab 05) in my Lab Reports post.