The Future of Medicine is Found not Invented


I’ve realized I’m incredibly passionate about injecting the beautiful, vibrant startup industry into Medicine on a fundamental level. Technology in the Medical Industry tends to be an sluggish 5 year turn around for approved projects. The majority of the startup industry strives to work a little bit faster, with year long turn around. My philosophy is to attempt to mimic this rapid growth with repurposing of well tested technologies, rather than the rapid testing and deployment of the startup industry. I believe this will spur the movement of personalized, preventative care and integrate it with the data analysis that our generation is so well known for.

I’m not afraid of the challenges that come with this vision, and I’m willing to mitigate the risks to improve the lifestyle of human beings on this planet.


An important part of my vision is to be very aware of current technologies, their progress (including how far they’ve gotten with the FDA) and unique/creative applications of existing technologies. Because these are changing so fast, I like to collect them in a blog hosted on tumblr.

I like to share creative uses of existing technologies or interesting biological research that will likely soon contribute to Medical Technology.


Take a look:


Latest Post: (Also at the bottom of my Home Page!)

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