Optically Clear Electrochromic Film Displays


I came up with an idea for an electrochromic film display (similar to LCD, but big enough to put on windows) and Moheeb Zara has been helping me out with building the device. Below is the latest update from the project (some little 0.8 inch squares) which is a prototype for a demo 5 x 5 (or larger) square with little floating pixels that runs conway’s game of life.

We used some scrap electrochromic film, ITO, a ton of sticker paper for passivation, conductive gel, and eventually a whole board to control the pixels. All the interconnects are just conductive film – meaning all the connections are pretty much transparent.


The ultimate goal is to use this method to make a beautiful window display that can display text or even just manipulate giant sets of windows as building-size display.