Intel DevTech: Focus Fog Pyramid


Here are some videos of the fog pyramid I designed (but did none of the wiring for) for the Intel Innovators Program and National Maker Faire. Moheeb Zara did the wiring and figured out the mindwave hookup. A new one is in the works (mmm white wood) so stay tuned!

 Here’s the flow for the pyramid:




Here’s my model for the next iteration, which will be carved out of a single piece of wood (the one in the videos is all torn down 🙁 ):



Here are some demo videos:

General pyramid Demo


Here’s a controller pyramid, I also designed a controller that changes color – I made it in Inventor, 3D printed it, cut out some milky white acrylic panels (with miter joints, of course), and then assembled the controller. The colors respond to an Octoblu stimulus as well!


Here’s a creepy demo of the projector use case 🙂