Molecule Table and Chairs: Local Motors 3D Printed Furniture Hackathon



Local Motors (a local GIANT 3D printer owner made up of 3D printed car enthusiasts) hosted a hackathon where participants design a conference table and chairs. The winners get their table and chairs manufactured and used at new Local Motors locations.


My design was an ethanol molecule table, complete with little water molecule chairs.




A round piece of glass is supported by the molecule base and is capped with part of the molecule on the surface. The surrounding chairs are hollow to allow for fast printing and for bag and laptop storage.


The table is printed in three pieces. Two symmetrical halves and a single cap piece (The two lumps above the glass surface).


black white


All of the printed parts can be made in either of Local Motor’s printing filaments, dark carbon fiber or white fiberglass. Both have great structural support.


top_black    top_white


Here are some pictures of size constraints and the printer that would be doing all this wonderful work. Photo Credit Chad Sterns.