RFID Table Controller



This project was a set of RFID tiles that interacted with a hidden RFID reader. The reader is mounted underneath a table, making it seem like the table just reads by itself. There are action tiles (lightbulb, etc) and modifier tiles (red, green, triangle, square, etc.).



IKEA Table (because the cheap black ones are hollow)

Microcontroller of Choice with Wifi or Bluetooth Capability (we used a Photon by Particle)

RFID Reader (hacker versions are better)


Laser Cutter or Vinyl Cutter for alignment Region Marking


About the Project:

First we built the board assembly. Moheeb Zara had to write some firmware business and it was great.


This is the bottom of the table after dremelling. IKEA tables are great because they’re hollow on the inside, making a perfect place to hide the controller.


The flow for the Netflix tile and the Soundcloud tile is below. Each other action (lights, dashboards, etc.) are other nodes not pictured.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 5.29.45 PM

Here are so images of the tiles I made. Netflix, light control, lists (i.e. to do), metrics, music/collaborative playlists, and controls. Below those are triangle, square, and circle modifier tiles, which indicate specific controls for the active tiles.