Author: Pi

JSON Resume Visualizer and Sorter

A list of all your achievements, plus a handy timeline view and category sorter (WIP).   Making a website can be hard. Why not make a simple, sortable technical resume? I made this for my brother, but pretty soon you can upload your very own JSON (or just grab my repo, whatever you want) and have a handy resume all… Read more →

Research Paper: Multiplex, Single Step, On Chip Detection of Mutation in Circulating Tumor DNA

  I did all the CAD and simulation work for this project. My largest roles were flow and temperature cycle balancing, device usability design, and FEA simulations. The device detects the presence of four different cancer treatment response markers in under half an hour using the patient’s blood. It is also handheld and portable, with a replaceable chip inside a… Read more →

RFID Table Controller

  This project was a set of RFID tiles that interacted with a hidden RFID reader. The reader is mounted underneath a table, making it seem like the table just reads by itself. There are action tiles (lightbulb, etc) and modifier tiles (red, green, triangle, square, etc.).   Materials: IKEA Table (because the cheap black ones are hollow) Microcontroller of… Read more →

Intel DevTech: Focus Fog Pyramid

Here are some videos of the fog pyramid I designed (but did none of the wiring for) for the Intel Innovators Program and National Maker Faire. Moheeb Zara did the wiring and figured out the mindwave hookup. A new one is in the works (mmm white wood) so stay tuned!  Here’s the flow for the pyramid:     Here’s my model… Read more →

Triangle Light – Octoblu and Light Blue Beans

  This little light was for a 3D printing hackathon at UCB. It’s a light blue bean housed inside a triangle shaped casing (with some LED’s on a relay of course). The bean is wirelessly controlled using Octoblu (one of my favorite tools) to basically anything. The light on the bean indicated different states, like “it’s raining” or “there’s a… Read more →


  GestAuth is a totally last minute name given to an Intel RealSense Hackathon project. The premise is, the RealSense will identify gestures and the correct sequence of gestures will unlock a page. Video posting later. Read more →

Voronoi Living Panels and Controllers

  These are responsive Voronoi diagram inspired panels. The white panels (which appear colored below) are backed with addressable LEDs. Mirrored acrylic propagates the colors, creating the illusion of mingling colors. Particle’s photon board enables wireless control for the panels, and control of the purple cube on the table. The table cube is a controller as well as a visualization.… Read more →