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“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”
― Leonardo da Vinci

Pi Finds Food

One of my best friends, Zach, and I really like cooking adventures but always spend the majority of the time sifting through bookmarked food links. I realized it’d be a lot faster to pick if we could see pictures of the food, so I made a tumblr to organize all the recipes.   Search for categories using the tags at… Read more →

South Africa



These are a small subset of the images I took while I visited Africa in 2010.

Feel free to use them, but please credit me! I can also send you higher resolution images if you message me.




A project from my novice web design period, I helped out a few of my friends with a website for scheduling classes.   Some Images from the Facebook page I had made:   Read more →

Slide Film

Testing out slide film for portrait use! Gorgeous depth of field effects. Obviously shot with a wide open aperture, this film was ISO 100. I had an interesting time working around that…     Read more →

Laser Cut Earrings

My grandmother came to visit from India so I wanted to show her something cool. I pulled some flower vector images from the internet and had my grandma pick the ones she liked. Then I cut those out of acrylic and mounted them on earring studs! I think they came out very pretty.   Here are the image files and… Read more →

Laser Cut Leather

  I’ve been making lots of laser cut things and I’m learning a lot about laser-safe materials. When cutting leather, always use veg-tanned leather. Any leather that is colored or nice and soft is likely chromium tanned. Sulfer dichromate releases poisonous sulfur gas when burned, so laser etching isn’t a great idea. I got my veg-tanned leather from Tandy Leather!… Read more →

Playing with Lenses

There are 8 frames in this set of vector horses. Together they make up the first few frames of the infamous xeotrope horse animation. These horses are scaled to match their apparent size on the projection screen. This project coexists with a camera obscura that another Heatsync Labs member (Prescott) made. It’s the entire upstairs room of the lab. Read more →