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BCAA Fashion Show

  For BCAA’s annual performance event, we put on a fashion show using costumes inspired by Indian garments and textiles. We captured two of the outfits in a subsequent photoshoot. Payel is an incredible photographer and artist. We traded off taking photos and posing, which was delightful! We also went makeup-less for this shoot, which makes the images all the… Read more →

The Burning Brontosaurus

  I made this painting a few Christmases ago for a friend. It’s called “The Burning Brontosaurus” and it is loosely based on Salvador Dali’s “The Burning Giraffe”. I added some southwest touches, and used an animal he likes in the painting. The canvas is actually very small, about 3×3″, otherwise I would have added tiny southwest patterned rugs on… Read more →

JSON Resume Visualizer and Sorter

A list of all your achievements, plus a handy timeline view and category sorter (WIP).   Making a website can be hard. Why not make a simple, sortable technical resume? I made this for my brother, but pretty soon you can upload your very own JSON (or just grab my repo, whatever you want) and have a handy resume all… Read more →

RFID Table Controller

  This project was a set of RFID tiles that interacted with a hidden RFID reader. The reader is mounted underneath a table, making it seem like the table just reads by itself. There are action tiles (lightbulb, etc) and modifier tiles (red, green, triangle, square, etc.).   Materials: IKEA Table (because the cheap black ones are hollow) Microcontroller of… Read more →

Ferro Technologies Logo

This is my first time designing for a startup, but I really believe in their mission. This logo and business card was for Ferro Technologies, their website is at Their product is a watch which can be used instead of credit cards with credit card readers. Inductive coils produce the electromagnetic signature, allowing the user to pay at any… Read more →